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Kimberley – Cabled Earwarmer Pattern

Image from fiberbabble

Hello Knitting Lovelies!

This pattern is called “Kimberley” after my lovely sister.  She bought a super cute earwarmer on her last trip to western Massachusetts and I fell in love at first sight.  I’ve been working on replicating something similar and while this one looks quite different, I am very happy with it so I’ve named it for her 🙂  There are two patterns included, one for a single cable and one for a double cable.  The double cable alterations are included within brackets.  This pattern is still in “beta” and some of my fantastic Google + beta testers are sending me feedback based on their projects.  If I make updates to the pattern, I’ll make them on this page and will include the date so you’ll know if it has changed.

If you decide to knit this, please link your project to my Ravelry page!  The pattern is called Kimberley Cabled Earwarmer and is available as a free pattern.

Revised 1/3/12

I prefer knitting with circular needles, but you can also use straight or dpn for this project.

#10 ndl (at least 16″ if using circular)

Bulky or Worsted yarn
Can also use Aran, though the earwarmer will be a little less bulky

CO 4 sts

Increase section:

  1. K (RS)
  2. P1, Kfb, Kfb, P1 (WS) (6 sts)
  3. K2, P2,K2
  4. P2, Kfb, Kfb, P2 (8 sts)
  5. K2, P4,K2
  6. P2, Kfb, P2, Kfb, P2 (10 sts)
  7. K2, P2, K2, P2,K2
  8. P2, Kfb, P4, Kfb, P2 (12 sts)
  9. K2, P2, K4, P2,K2
  10. P2, Kfb, P6, Kfb, P2 (14 sts)
  11. K2, P2, K6, P2,K2
  12. P2, Kfb, P8, Kfb, P2 (16 sts)
  13. K2, P2, K8, P2,K2
  14. P2, Kfb, P10, Kfb, P2 (18 sts)
  15. K2, P2, K10, P2,K2
  16. P2, Kfb, P12, Kfb, P2 (20 sts)

End of increases (hooray!)

Cable section (for single cable pattern):

  1. K2, P2, K12, P2,K2
  2. P2, K2, P12,K2, P2
  3. K2, P2, K12, P2,K2
  4. P2, K2, P12,K2, P2
  5. K2, P2, K3, sl 3 sts on cn and hold in front, K3, K3 sts from cn, K3, P2,K2
  6. P2, K2, P12,K2, P2
Cable section (for double cable pattern):
  1. K2, P2, K12, P2,K2
  2. P2, K2, P12,K2, P2
  3. K2, P2, K12, P2,K2
  4. P2, K2, P12,K2, P2
  5. K2, P2, k2, sl 2 sts on cn and hold in front, K2, K2 sts from cn, sl 2 sts on cn and hold in front, K2, K2 sts from cn, k2, P2,K2 
  6. P2, K2,  P12 ,K2, P2

Repeat this cable section until the earwarmer is the correct length.  Please note that this will vary based on the yarn you are using.

For 100% wool or similar: Measure your head from the nape of your neck up around your head (covering both ears) back to the nape.  When repeating the cable section, repeat until the warmer when stretched out slightly is about two inches shorter than the measurement you took of your head before beginning the decrease section.

For yarns with more stretch: Continue the cable section until the warmer is long enough to cover from the nape of your neck over one ear over your head to the top of your other ear when held rather loosely, then begin the decrease section.

Decrease section:

  1. K2, k2tog, K12, SSK,K2(18 sts)
  2. P2, K2, P10,K2, P2
  3. K2, k2tog, K10, SSK,K2(16 sts)
  4. P2, K2, P8,K2, P2
  5. K2, k2tog, K8, SSK,K2(14 sts)
  6. P2, K2, P6,K2, P2
  7. K2, k2tog, K6, SSK,K2(12 sts)
  8. P2, K2, P4,K2, P2
  9. K2, k2tog, K4, SSK,K2(10 sts)
  10. P2, K2, P2,K2, P2
  11. K2, k2tog, K2, SSK,K2(8 sts)
  12. P2,K2, YO, K2tog, P2
  13. K2, k2tog, SSK,K2(6 sts)
  14. P2,K2, P2
  15. K1, k2tog, SSK, K1 (4 sts)
  16. P

BO 4 sts

Sew a button onto the beginning of the increase side of the ear warmer (the YO in row 12 of the decrease section should allow for a smallish button)

K – knit
P – purl
YO – yarn over
kfb – knit into front of stitch without removing from L needle, then knit into back of stitch
k2tog – knit two stitches together (passing needle through both stitches at the same time from the front and combining them into one stitch)
SSK – slip one stitch, then slip the next stitch.  Insert left needle into the front loops of the slipped stitches and knit them together through the back loops.

Image from Yonitk



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  1. i had a question about the cable part.. it seems that when i do the single cable there isnt enough stitches in the cable pattern, to match my 20 that i have after ending the increase. (maybe 5 stitches short?) i didnt have a problem with the increase, and everything matched up great until the cable row. Ive done cables before, I just dont know what went wrong. could you help me please?

    • Hi Kayla – let me look it over and get back to you. The first thing I think of is that there are a couple of extra increases for the double cable but not for the single cable – did you check to make sure you didn’t do too many increases?

  2. miss becky, i think i figured it out. at the beg of the cable row, you k2, p2, K3, then do the cable. then im guessing you K3 again after the cable before the last k2, p2 at the end. it make sense because i had 3 too many at the end. I think the knit 3 after the cable was left out? i think i got it now 🙂


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