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Kimberley – Cabled Earwarmer Pattern

Image from fiberbabble

Hello Knitting Lovelies!

This pattern is called “Kimberley” after my lovely sister.  She bought a super cute earwarmer on her last trip to western Massachusetts and I fell in love at first sight.  I’ve been working on replicating something similar and while this one looks quite different, I am very happy with it so I’ve named it for her 🙂  There are two patterns included, one for a single cable and one for a double cable.  The double cable alterations are included within brackets.  This pattern is still in “beta” and some of my fantastic Google + beta testers are sending me feedback based on their projects.  If I make updates to the pattern, I’ll make them on this page and will include the date so you’ll know if it has changed.

If you decide to knit this, please link your project to my Ravelry page!  The pattern is called Kimberley Cabled Earwarmer and is available as a free pattern.

Revised 1/3/12

I prefer knitting with circular needles, but you can also use straight or dpn for this project.

#10 ndl (at least 16″ if using circular)

Bulky or Worsted yarn
Can also use Aran, though the earwarmer will be a little less bulky

CO 4 sts

Increase section:

  1. K (RS)
  2. P1, Kfb, Kfb, P1 (WS) (6 sts)
  3. K2, P2,K2
  4. P2, Kfb, Kfb, P2 (8 sts)
  5. K2, P4,K2
  6. P2, Kfb, P2, Kfb, P2 (10 sts)
  7. K2, P2, K2, P2,K2
  8. P2, Kfb, P4, Kfb, P2 (12 sts)
  9. K2, P2, K4, P2,K2
  10. P2, Kfb, P6, Kfb, P2 (14 sts)
  11. K2, P2, K6, P2,K2
  12. P2, Kfb, P8, Kfb, P2 (16 sts)
  13. K2, P2, K8, P2,K2
  14. P2, Kfb, P10, Kfb, P2 (18 sts)
  15. K2, P2, K10, P2,K2
  16. P2, Kfb, P12, Kfb, P2 (20 sts)

End of increases (hooray!)

Cable section (for single cable pattern):

  1. K2, P2, K12, P2,K2
  2. P2, K2, P12,K2, P2
  3. K2, P2, K12, P2,K2
  4. P2, K2, P12,K2, P2
  5. K2, P2, K3, sl 3 sts on cn and hold in front, K3, K3 sts from cn, K3, P2,K2
  6. P2, K2, P12,K2, P2
Cable section (for double cable pattern):
  1. K2, P2, K12, P2,K2
  2. P2, K2, P12,K2, P2
  3. K2, P2, K12, P2,K2
  4. P2, K2, P12,K2, P2
  5. K2, P2, k2, sl 2 sts on cn and hold in front, K2, K2 sts from cn, sl 2 sts on cn and hold in front, K2, K2 sts from cn, k2, P2,K2 
  6. P2, K2,  P12 ,K2, P2

Repeat this cable section until the earwarmer is the correct length.  Please note that this will vary based on the yarn you are using.

For 100% wool or similar: Measure your head from the nape of your neck up around your head (covering both ears) back to the nape.  When repeating the cable section, repeat until the warmer when stretched out slightly is about two inches shorter than the measurement you took of your head before beginning the decrease section.

For yarns with more stretch: Continue the cable section until the warmer is long enough to cover from the nape of your neck over one ear over your head to the top of your other ear when held rather loosely, then begin the decrease section.

Decrease section:

  1. K2, k2tog, K12, SSK,K2(18 sts)
  2. P2, K2, P10,K2, P2
  3. K2, k2tog, K10, SSK,K2(16 sts)
  4. P2, K2, P8,K2, P2
  5. K2, k2tog, K8, SSK,K2(14 sts)
  6. P2, K2, P6,K2, P2
  7. K2, k2tog, K6, SSK,K2(12 sts)
  8. P2, K2, P4,K2, P2
  9. K2, k2tog, K4, SSK,K2(10 sts)
  10. P2, K2, P2,K2, P2
  11. K2, k2tog, K2, SSK,K2(8 sts)
  12. P2,K2, YO, K2tog, P2
  13. K2, k2tog, SSK,K2(6 sts)
  14. P2,K2, P2
  15. K1, k2tog, SSK, K1 (4 sts)
  16. P

BO 4 sts

Sew a button onto the beginning of the increase side of the ear warmer (the YO in row 12 of the decrease section should allow for a smallish button)

K – knit
P – purl
YO – yarn over
kfb – knit into front of stitch without removing from L needle, then knit into back of stitch
k2tog – knit two stitches together (passing needle through both stitches at the same time from the front and combining them into one stitch)
SSK – slip one stitch, then slip the next stitch.  Insert left needle into the front loops of the slipped stitches and knit them together through the back loops.

Image from Yonitk



Soap Pocket Pattern

In updating my projects on Ravelry, I decided it’s time for me to publish the pattern for my Soap Pocket.  This is a very quick knit with simple techniques – probably the most difficult techniques are double knitting and an i-cord.  If you’re comfortable with both of those, you’ll find this a fast and fun knit!  Also included in the download is a seed stitch washcloth pattern that I like.  The seed stitch gives a little more scrubby action to the washcloth.  Another fun and easy knit 🙂

I sold these Soap Pockets on commission at an independent homemade bath products store last winter and they sold like hotcakes.  Sadly, the shop is no longer in business, but if you ever see Twin Birch Bath Products come back online on Etsy, they have some of the very best bath products I’ve ever used!

If you are on Rav and want to connect, my username is, shockingly, MissBeckyKnits 🙂

PDF Download of Soap Pocket Pattern

Pocket Monster

My friend Jenn is having a rough time – she and her youngest son have both had surgery recently – so I decided she needed a special present.  Tomorrow morning this Pocket Monster will go to the post office, but I wanted to put a picture up here before he went into the mail.

My turn for a scarf!

Usually I knit with wool, but since I can’t wear it I’m always looking for different yarns that feel nice but aren’t impossible to knit with. Some of the cottons I’ve used have driven me CRAZY because they tangle so easily and make it really hard to keep consistent tension. My current scarf is worsted weight, 50% super fine nylon 50% super fine acrylic. I don’t usually like to knit much with acrylic but the nylon makes it nice and smooth and the acrylic makes it washable!

CO 18 sts
P all rows

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to put fringe on the ends.

This is also a nice practice in keeping consistent tension and you can really see if you have a consistent gauge or not.

Sampler Scarf

This is a fun scarf pattern adapted from one I found on They designed the scarf almost twice as wide as my pattern below, but I really liked the idea of the sampler where you can practice different kinds of stitches, and it still makes a pretty scarf. I picked this yarn both because it was nice and soft and the higher acrylic content means it’s easier to wash and dry without worry. I almost always use circular needles rather than straight needles as I find my gauge and tension stay more consistent.

Yarn: Reynolds Signature; 80% acrylic 20% wool
Color: 044 (forest green)
Needles: 16″ round 9

Note: each row begins and ends with K4 to create garter stitch border

CO 24 sts
K 6 rows

Basket Weave (12 rows)
row 1: K all sts
rows 2-6: K4 *K4, P4* until 4 sts from end, K4
row 7: K all sts
rows 8-12: K4 *P4, K4* until 4 from end, K4

Repeat Basket Weave set of 12 rows (total 24 rows Basket weave)

K 4 rows

Mesh Stitch (4 rows)
row 1 (RS): K4*YO, K2tog* until 4 from end, K4
row 2 – K4, P16, K4
row 3 – K4 *SKP, YO* until 4 from end, K4
row 4 – K4, P16, K4

Repeat Mesh Stitch set of 4 rows (total 8 rows Mesh Stitch)

K 4 rows

Sugar Cubes Stitch (8 rows)
row 1 (RS): K all sts
row 2: K4 *P6, K2* repeat until 4 sts from end, K4
row 3: K4 *P2, K6* repeat until 4 sts from end, K4
row 4: K4, P16, K4
row 5: K all sts
row 6: K4, P2, K2, P6, K2, P4, K4
row 7: K8, P2, K6, P2, K6
row 8: K4, P16, K4

Repeat Sugar Cubes stitch set of 8 rows (total 16 rows Sugar Cubes stitch)

Seed Stitch (2 rows)
row 1: K4 *K1, P1* until 4 sts from end, K4
row 2: K4 *P1, K1* until 4 sts from end, K4

Repeat Seed Stitch set of 2 rows, 4 times (total 8 rows Seed Stitch)

Repeat the following section until scarf is desired length:
K 4 rows
24 rows Basket Weave
K 4 rows
8 rows Mesh Stitch
K 4 rows
16 rows Sugar Cube Stitch
K 4 rows
8 rows Seed Stitch
Finish scarf by K 6 rows

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