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Soap Pocket Pattern

In updating my projects on Ravelry, I decided it’s time for me to publish the pattern for my Soap Pocket.  This is a very quick knit with simple techniques – probably the most difficult techniques are double knitting and an i-cord.  If you’re comfortable with both of those, you’ll find this a fast and fun knit!  Also included in the download is a seed stitch washcloth pattern that I like.  The seed stitch gives a little more scrubby action to the washcloth.  Another fun and easy knit 🙂

I sold these Soap Pockets on commission at an independent homemade bath products store last winter and they sold like hotcakes.  Sadly, the shop is no longer in business, but if you ever see Twin Birch Bath Products come back online on Etsy, they have some of the very best bath products I’ve ever used!

If you are on Rav and want to connect, my username is, shockingly, MissBeckyKnits 🙂

PDF Download of Soap Pocket Pattern

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