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Sampler Scarf

This is a fun scarf pattern adapted from one I found on They designed the scarf almost twice as wide as my pattern below, but I really liked the idea of the sampler where you can practice different kinds of stitches, and it still makes a pretty scarf. I picked this yarn both because it was nice and soft and the higher acrylic content means it’s easier to wash and dry without worry. I almost always use circular needles rather than straight needles as I find my gauge and tension stay more consistent.

Yarn: Reynolds Signature; 80% acrylic 20% wool
Color: 044 (forest green)
Needles: 16″ round 9

Note: each row begins and ends with K4 to create garter stitch border

CO 24 sts
K 6 rows

Basket Weave (12 rows)
row 1: K all sts
rows 2-6: K4 *K4, P4* until 4 sts from end, K4
row 7: K all sts
rows 8-12: K4 *P4, K4* until 4 from end, K4

Repeat Basket Weave set of 12 rows (total 24 rows Basket weave)

K 4 rows

Mesh Stitch (4 rows)
row 1 (RS): K4*YO, K2tog* until 4 from end, K4
row 2 – K4, P16, K4
row 3 – K4 *SKP, YO* until 4 from end, K4
row 4 – K4, P16, K4

Repeat Mesh Stitch set of 4 rows (total 8 rows Mesh Stitch)

K 4 rows

Sugar Cubes Stitch (8 rows)
row 1 (RS): K all sts
row 2: K4 *P6, K2* repeat until 4 sts from end, K4
row 3: K4 *P2, K6* repeat until 4 sts from end, K4
row 4: K4, P16, K4
row 5: K all sts
row 6: K4, P2, K2, P6, K2, P4, K4
row 7: K8, P2, K6, P2, K6
row 8: K4, P16, K4

Repeat Sugar Cubes stitch set of 8 rows (total 16 rows Sugar Cubes stitch)

Seed Stitch (2 rows)
row 1: K4 *K1, P1* until 4 sts from end, K4
row 2: K4 *P1, K1* until 4 sts from end, K4

Repeat Seed Stitch set of 2 rows, 4 times (total 8 rows Seed Stitch)

Repeat the following section until scarf is desired length:
K 4 rows
24 rows Basket Weave
K 4 rows
8 rows Mesh Stitch
K 4 rows
16 rows Sugar Cube Stitch
K 4 rows
8 rows Seed Stitch
Finish scarf by K 6 rows

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