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Fiber Craft Anthology Project

Hello lovelies!  I am currently collecting submissions for a Knit and Crochet Anthology project.  This project will exclusively feature patterns from fiber artists on Google Plus with a planned release date early in 2012.  Here are the important details:

– The set of patterns will be published on Smashwords and will be available for free download

– All artists included must have an account on Google Plus (and ideally also one on Ravelry)

– Only knit and crochet patterns will be included in this project

– As this book will be available free of charge, artists will not be compensated and should choose patterns for submission that they are comfortable making available for free

– All patterns should be beta tested (you and / or someone else must have made the project based on your pattern)

– Artists will be asked to make a sample project and to be prepared to send your project either to me or to the project’s professional photographer (the amazing Evelyn Lamprey)

– You will retain the copyright for your patterns – you are giving me permission to include the pattern in this anthology but this does not prohibit you from using your pattern in any other way you see fit and / or publishing it elsewhere

Why You Should Participate

– Offering this for free will help drive traffic to your website, G+ page and Ravelry page, thus enticing fiber enthusiasts to purchase some of your other patterns that might be available

– This is a great way to get your name out if you are a new / beginning designer

– This helps us build the vibrant fiber community on Google +

If you’re interested in participating, please download this document, complete all requested details and send it to me as an attachment to:


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Prudie Peepers is Green Mountain Cabaret's most anxiety-prone burlesque host.

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  1. Becky
    Thanks for taking this on.


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